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I LOVE AffMeter!

Not only does it save me a whack of time in having to check my stats at each network and program individually, but it gives me a nice little ego boost every half hour (that's what I have it set for) when the window pops up to tell me how much I've earned so far that day.

You guys did a terrific job in putting this together.

Thanks SO much!

Rosalind Gardner




Just wanted to say what a fantastic product this is.  I first installed it on the 10th December 2006. I was really impressed with it but had a couple of issues which have now been resolved thanks to responses at the Forum. What a relief to have a company that actually listen and responds to their users :)

I have already recommended this product to a couple of colleagues who are also into Affiliate Marketing.

I only have one problem left though .... what will I do with all the spare time I now have from not constantly checking stats.

Many thanks for a great product.

Kind regards

Jason Goodyer



Affmeter - Easily Monitor Commissions Realtime

If you're an affiliate stats junkie like me and can't help but check your daily clicks and commission levels across multiple networks on the hour every hour then, like me you've also probably searched the internet high and low for an automated solution that does the hard work for you. There are a few potential solutions out there which are all great in their own rights but more often than not do not cater for most networks and more importantly, do not record the historical data for comparison purposes.

Affmeter is something a bit different; it does all of the above and more and is genuinely the best standalone affiliate stats program I've used to date. From download to installation, right through to my first bit of data retrieval took all of 5 minutes. Digging a little deeper you also discover that there's some great little features that you can customise. Commissions generated can be broken down by individual websites and poor performing merchants can be easily identified.

If I was to choose a particular feature as my favourite it would have to be the automated stats retrieval which then regularly displays a discrete pop up in the bottom right of your screen (similar to msn messenger) which displays your daily earnings.

The full list of features are as follows:

  • View of all your earnings from different affiliate networks and merchants
  • Use the Customized "Affmeter Merchant Watcher Tool" to track selected merchants' revenue streams
  • Check revenue instantly
  • Find top revenue generating merchants
  • Find top revenue losing merchants
  • Export reports as XLS files.
  • View detailed commission reviews complete with charts
  • Easily make comparisons across time periods, affiliate networks and merchants
  • Receive email alerts when a certain number of clicks is reached
  • View your statistics in USDs, Pounds or Euros with the Affmeter Currency Converter
  • Find affiliate network or merchant revenue statistics according to their share of total revenue

View data from all the Major Affiliate Networks ( Commission Junction, Linkshare, Performics,, Affiliate Window, Affiliate Future, Trade Doubler, Webgains,, Paidonresults, Google Adsense). The Affmeter will add more affiliate networks as time progresses

Get up and going quickly with an easy-to-use interface tailored to the affiliate marketer

Paul Wright


Affmeter does a really good job of combining the tedious task of logging into multiple affiliate services and tracking individual accounts.  The graphing function is intuitive and allows me to see how merchants are performing on my site, allowing me to streamline ads and increase my click through and revenues.  All over, a great product which has saved me time and increased revenue across my sites.

Robert Stanley


Often Affiliates like to keep track of their sales on a daily basis, or if you are using Google Adwords or Microsoft Adcenter to PPC your website, or a campaign for a merchant, then to start off with you’ll probably want to check on an hourly basis. Most will agree, logging into a fistful of networks, checking stats on an hourly basis becomes a pain in the butt, when a simple overview is usally enough to suffice. Yesterday Paul blogged about such a piece of software that provides this facility, similar to Revtrends. I think this is relatively new to the market and is well worth checking out… Affmeter

Affmeter continues to be developed as more networks are added to the package and I believe DGM Pro and Amazon may already be in the development pipeline.

What sets Affmeter apart from other products and services in my eyes, is the fact that there’s a support forum and knowledge base available to assist with any problems. Unusually, these are available to both, people who have paid for the Pro Version, and also those that have the Basic version free of charge.

The Affmeter software currently report statistics from the following networks;

  • Affiliate Future
  • Affiliate Window
  • Commission Junction
  • Google Adsense
  • Linkshare
  • Paid On Results
  • Performics
  • Trade Doubler
  • Webgains


The PRO version also allows you to monitor your PPC spending with the help of a Google API key, along with the detailed reports and versatility this software offers, it should easily and quickly highlight which networks are performing best for you and more importantly, which merchants. At a click of button, you can see month on month trends and even see the worst performing merchants (the ones that get clicks but generate no sales). This in itself is priceless as once these merchants are identified, you can swap them for others to help drive more sales for those merchants where you see success.

 Chris Frost


I was forever logging to the different networks to see which merchants were getting the clicks, and what sales (if any) I was getting.

Since I installed AffMeter, all the stats are at the click of one button, and you can even ask the pop-up box to leap into action every 15 minutes.

This excellent piece of software is one not to miss.

Andrew Clapham



Having tried Afftrack and been dissapointed by there lack of support & erratic reporting I was pretty sceptical about Affmeter, I was dearly hoping to be proved wrong as the ability to consolidate all my stats & commissions in one place would be a godsend, saving me a lot of time. Thankfully I have been proved wrong, Affmeter is a brilliant stand alone software app that automatically logs into Aff networks at pre-determined timed intervals and reports, commission, epc, best performing merchants & worst performing providing an important snapshot of daily activity. These kind of stats can make or break a PPC campaign and allows me to react faster & remain competitive. All in all it's a slick piece of software & is supported well, good luck to Affmeter & keep up the good work!

David Holmes



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