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Features of Affmeter

  • View of all your earnings from different affiliate networks and merchants
  • Check revenue instantly and automatically.
  • Check Google Adwords PPC campaign costs automatically.
  • Consolidated format of revenue and cost data in one table
  • Easily set up your accounts for multiple affiliate networks or Google Adwords in different channels.
  • Find top revenue generating merchants
  • Find top revenue losing merchants
  • Make comparisons in between different time periods regarding your revenue generation.
  • View your EPCs.
  • Use the Customized "Merchant Monitor" to track selected merchants' revenue streams
  • Export reports as XLS files
  • View detailed commission reviews complete with charts
  • Easily make comparisons across time periods, affiliate networks and merchants
  • Receive email alert daily at the time of your choosing
  • View your statistics in USDs, Pounds, AUDs or Euros with the Affmeter Currency Converter.
  • Find affiliate network or merchant revenue statistics according to their share of total revenue.
  • View data from all the Major Affiliate Networks
    •  Adcanadian
    •  Adcomunal
    •  Ads4dough
    •  AdsMarket
    •  Affiliate Future
    •  Affiliate Window
    •  AvantLink
    •  Canadian Sponsors
    •  Chitika
    •  Clickbank
    •  Clickbooth
    •  Clicksor
    •  Clixgalore
    •  Commission Junction
    •  Commissionmonster
    •  Copeac
    •  Cpalead
    •  Daisycon
    •  DGM-UK Affiliates
    •  DGM-AU Affiliates
    •  Direct Agents
    •  Forex Affiliate
    •  GlobalDirectMedia
    •  Google Adsense
    •  Google Adwords
    •  Google Affiliate Network (GAN)
    •  Hydra
    •  Hypnoshop
    •  Hypnosisdownloads
    •  Kolimbo
    •  LinkConnector
    •  LinkMo
    •  Linkshare
    •  Linktrust
    •  Market Health
    •  Market Leverage
    •  MaxBounty
    •  MBNA affiliates
    •  MediaTrust
    •  More Niche
    •  Motive Network
    •  NDemandAffiliates
    •  NDustryClix
    •  Neverblue
    •  Offerforge
    •  OMG
    •  OnenetworkDirect
    •  Paid on Results
    •  PepperJam Network
    •  Pinnacledream
    •  Plimus
    •  Profitistic
    •  RevenueWire
    •  Share Results
    •  Shareasale
    •  SheetMusicPlus
    •  Shopzilla
    •  Silvertap
    •  SuperClix
    •  Tradedoubler
    •  Trienta
    •  Webgains
    •  xy7
    •  Zanox
    •  Zzounds

Affmeter will integrate more affiliate networks as time progresses. Linkconnector, Shareasale and Incentaclick are on the pipeline.

Get up and go quickly with an easy-to-use interface tailored to the affiliate marketer;
- Detailed review of merchant trend graphics
- Retrieval of historical data for up to 15 days.
- Reach of the historical data until 01.01.2007

If you want AFFMETER to cover more features please do not hesitate to contact us and make your suggestions

 Affiliate Future
 Affiliate Window
 Canadian Sponsors
new Chitika
new Clicksor
 Commission Junction
new Cpalead
new Daisycon
 DGM-UK Affiliates
 DGM-AU Affiliates
 Direct Agents
 Forex Affiliate
 Google Adsense
 Google Adwords
 Google Affiliate Network (GAN)
new Hypnoshop
new Hypnosisdownloads
 Market Health
 Market Leverage
 MBNA affiliates
 More Niche
 Motive Network
new NDustryClix
 Paid on Results
 PepperJam Network
new Pinnacledream
 Share Results
new SheetMusicPlus
new Shopzilla
new SuperClix
  request a network
  signup a network
  • Affmeter has partnered with Affiliates4U in UK. Check out our new press release, June. 18th, 2009.

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