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    1.Can a non-windows client use Affmeter ?

    Sorry. Unfortunately not. Affmeter is designed only for windows platforms.

    2.Can anybody hack into my bank account if I use Affmeter?

    Affmeter does not collect or keep any bank account information belonging to its users, merchants, or affiliate networks.

    3.How are the reports produced? Where is my data kept? Can anyone else see my reports?

    Your data is kept on your computer. Nobody can reach, see or collect your data unless they have access to your machine. For this reason, you should not install Affmeter on a multi-user pc.

    4.How does Affmeter collect the data?

    Affmeter periodically collects data from your network accounts at a frequency set by you. By default this value is every 30 minutes, but you can select a value anywhere from every 15 minutes to once a day. Affmeter visits registered Affiliate Networks as often as you want to retrieve current data. It also refreshes previous data - up to one week before the current date - since Affiliate Networks may change the previous data due to invalid or denied transactions. For earlier dates you also have the option of retrieving data manually. Affmeter Pro will not retrieve data before 01.01.2007.

    5.Is my data Private?

    Yes. Affmeter only collects data from Affiliate Networks and Google Adwords . Affmeter keeps this data on your local machine, so you can generate reports even if you are not connected to the Internet. Besides, the data is not visible either by the Affmeter Group or by any other third party. Affmeter is a desktop application but not a web based one.

    6.Is my password safe?

    Yes. Affmeter keeps your password on your local machine. It is used only to enter the Affiliate Networks and not transmitted to any other address. Your password is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption.

    7.Is there a limit to how much data I could collect?

    Since you’ll keep your data on your own computer or you can collect as much data as your computer will allow.

    8.Is your software safe?

    Yes, it's completely safe. All data is transferred between your computer and affiliate networks and Adwords. Data is not being transmitted to or stored at another location.

    9.What happens if I lose my computer or its hard drive crashes?

    Your data is not stored anywhere else. When the data is lost, it must be re-collected as if you are a new user. Backing up is always a good advice.

    10.What are the system requirements to install Affmeter?

    Be sure that .NET Framework 2.0 is installed on your computer. If not, you can not install Affmeter on your computer and setup will lead you Microsoft site to download and install .NET2.0 Framework.
    128 MB RamThis is approximate run time memory usage.

    11.How can I update Affmeter?

    Once you have bought your copy, you must go to Options in the main menu and click on Updates in order to make a selection to define how you will update Affmeter. There are 3 different options.

    1. Affmeter will automatically updates itself
    2. Affmeter will notify you but do not automatically updates itself
    3. Affmeter do not check for new versions and lets you to check for updates.

    12.What is Google Adwords Token and should I buy it?

    “A Developer Token is a unique combination of letters, numbers and characters that identifies your AdWords API activity. It is your key to talking to the AdWords server and your clients' AdWords accounts. In order for us to identify your activity, you should include the Developer Token in the header of all your API requests.” explained by Google. If you need more information please check or Adwords Developer Guide at or

    Affmeter has used Google Adwords API in order to show you your PPC campaign costs from Google Adwords.
    You should buy your Adwords Token from Google in order to fully use your program and see your PPC costs. Adwords Token has a reasonable price range.

    13.How much does it cost to use the AdWords API?

    AdWords API fees are charged to the API Developer Token holder. They are based on a rate of US$0.25 (or local currency equivalent) per 1000 API units consumed. Please review the AdWords API rate sheet at for the details.

    14.How to Buy Adwords Token?

    Please go to "My Account / AdWords API Centre" in your Adwords account and click on the link "developer and application information" you will be taken to "Developer and Application Details" page. Please enter all the fields as they are required.

    15.How to back up or restore my data?

    Click on “Back up” in the Options Menu and choose a destination to save your Affmeter data. If you want to restore any of the previously backed up data just click on “Restore” and browse the destination file, then Affmeter restores your data.

    16.How to choose my currency in Affmeter?

    Currency is extremely important. Once you have chosen one type of currency, you can not change it unless you clear all previously collected data.
    So in order to change your currency after certain time of usage, you must give up your previously collected data. Be careful about your decision.
    This is the main currency that your reports will appear and it is independent of what your network or Google Adwords reports are. So select the main currency that matters in reporting. If you want to see your revenue or statistics in USD, make it USD.
    While you are setting up your network or Adwords accounts in Affmeter, please be careful and state each accounts own currency. “Affmeter Currency Converter” will convert all your results in the currency that you have chosen under the “Currency” title at the Options menu.

    17.Can I change the currency after I’ve started using the program?

    Yes you can. However, you will lose all of your previous statistics and revenue data. We advise you to be careful in selecting the currency when you first use the program. Affmeter will not update any previously collected data after you change your currency type.

    18.Which currency does the report use? What if mine is different?

    The reports will use the currency you select. There are four supported currencies: GBP, USD, Australian Dollar and Euro. Other currencies in different affiliate networks will be converted to the currency you select.

    19.How to setup My Network Accounts?

    In order to set up your network accounts click on “Accounts” in the main menu and then “Network Accounts”. Go to Add button and click on it then at first you have to choose your network name as it appears on the list. Fill up the fields with your account name and password. Then choose the currency of the Affiliate network. It may be different then the currency that you have chosen for reporting of the Affmeter. Affmeter will convert this currency into report’s currency and displays unified results for the user. Bank Of Canada’s exchange rates are effective

    If you need to describe a site name then fill up the field and then click on test button. Affmeter checks the account information that you have entered and controls if the program can connect to that network or not. If you finish this procedure then save it and go on to set up another network’s information. 20.How to setup Google Adwords Accounts?

    Google Adwords account setup: In order to set up Adwords accounts click on “Adwords Accounts” from Accounts. Activate your the Add button and fill up the fields with your Google Adwords information and its original currency then save. If the currency is different from what you set up for Affmeter, Affmeter currency converter will convert them .Bank Of Canada’s exchange rates are effective.

    21.How to use my master password

    In order to collect data safely you need to set up a master password .
    You will have two options

    1. You can let Affmeter ask master password at the start up. If you do not enter your password it cannot collect any data but can show you previously feched data.
    2.You can let Affmeter lock the application when minimized and request the password every time that you will open it.

    22.How to Export reports in to XLS?

    Just go on any report that you will choose and right click on your mouse. Affmeter will automatically opens your Excel file and export the data into a sheet.

    23.What is “Merchant Monitor and how to use “Merchant Monitor” ?

    Merchant Monitor: Merchant Monitor will enable you to watch selected merchant’s performances separately. This way you can track which merchants are doing good .

    Click on Reports and choose “Merchat Monitor” from the sub menu. In order to utilize this feature you must set up the merchants names. Go to Merchants box and define a group name for the merchant, let’s say this is a merchant under the category of food. Click on Add Group and write your group name as food. Click on Available merchants and choose a network name . Underneath the available merchants list click and add your recently monitored merchant. After finishing your job just close the box. Now you can watch and check the performance of the monitored merchants.

    24.What is “Comparison Tool” and how to use it?

    By “Comparison Tool” you can compare your commissions and number of clicks in between different time periods.

    Firstly, select a time interval as a basis of your comparison. You can choose to make it daily, monthly, yearly data or select from other options . Then go on and specify the dates that you would like to make a comparison. Finally click an compare and see the results. Affmeter will display the results on the network basis. If you click on any network name then you will see the merchant details of your comparison below.

    25.What are “Top Merchants” and “Poor Merchants” Reports?

    Top Merchants: Top merchants will show you which merchants are performing best. The data is arranged in a descending order from top merchants to poor merchants. By double clicking on any merchant name, a box will appear and show you the performance of this specific merchant. You can refresh data by choosing in between time intervals and you can click on graph and see how this merchant performed at the period that you have chosen. 

    Poor Merchants: Poor merchants will show you which merchants are doing worst. Again by double clicking on any merchant you will see its performance over a specified period of time and its graphical presentation.

    26.Where can I see Merchant Graphics?

    By double clicking on any merchant name, a box will appear and show you the performance of this merchant. You can refresh data by choosing in between different time intervals and you can click on “Graph” function to see how this merchant performed at the period that you have chosen. 

    27.Where can I see my Net Revenue Statement?

    Campaign reports will show you the net revenue channeled by your merchants . On the one hand you have earned commissions from a merchant and on the other hand you have the money spent on this merchant by PPC campaigns in Adwords. This table is showing you the consolidated view of your net revenue earned from all of your merchants. If you click on any merchants name then you will see an individual statement showing you the ppc cost expenditure made for this merchant. You can refresh your data by changing the time ranges.

    28.How can I find my total revenue performance on a daily basis?

    Just go an click on “Revenue Details” from Reports on the main menu. In order to see your daily performance choose a time period and click on refresh button.

    29.How to get e-mail from Affmeter regarding my daily performance?

    If you would like to get notified by a daily e-mail about your performance, you can set up your e-mail address into “Mail” from Options in the main menu. Just fill the blanks by required information.

    30.What is a “Notification Pop up Window”?

    “Notification” is a small pop up window showing you your income totals. In order to set up your “Notification Pop up Window”, please click on Options from the main menu then activate Notification.

    There are two preferences to set up your pop up window:

    1. You can let notification pop-up window to appear whenever your revenue is refreshed.
    2. You can let notification pop up to appear once every hour.

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