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Click Here To Order the Affmeter PRO For Only $14.95 per month


ORDER Affmeter PRO for only $129.95 / Year and SAVE $50


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System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Windows 2000
  • 250 MB Harddisk Space
  • NET 2.0
    Be sure that .NET Framework 2.0 is installed on your computer. If not, you can not install Affmeter on your computer and setup will lead you Microsoft site to download and install .NET2.0 Framework.
  • 128 MB Ram
    This is approximate run time memory usage.
  • Google Adwords Developer Token (To fetch your Adwords Costs) for more information please click here

What is Google Adwords Token?

In order to poll Google Adwords cost data by Affmeter, you have to buy a Google Token which enables you to utilize Google Adwords data.  

How Google explains it:

“The Application Token is a unique text string of letters, numbers and symbols that identifies the authorized application calling the AdWords API. It is similar to the Developer Token (which identifies the developer calling the API).

Every application that accesses the API must have an approved Application Token embedded in its request headers when calling the API. You also need to include your approved Developer Token in all request headers.

You need a unique Application Token for each AdWords API client that you develop. To request additional Application Tokens, click the 'add' link in the 'Your Application Tokens' section of your AdWords API Center and tell us about your application. We'll issue you a new Application Token and activate it once we've reviewed the details”

Please click on for  more information Adwords or simply visit FAQ of Affmeter

Bulk Sale:

If you like to buy more than one license of Affmeter PRO, please contact us about the discounts. 

Click Here To Order the Affmeter PRO For Only $14.95 per month


ORDER Affmeter PRO for only $129.95 / Year and SAVE $50


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  • Affmeter has partnered with Affiliates4U in UK. Check out our new press release, June. 18th, 2009.

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